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Looking for trusted advice on how to grow your writing career on Elance? 

Welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Since 2011, I’ve been helping Elance writers reduce frustration and increase earnings on Elance.

Whether you choose to browse the blog or buy the book, you’ll find expert, proven tips for standing out, getting hired, and growing your business on the world’s leading freelance platform.

  • Avoid common “newbie” mistakes;
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What readers say...

    • I just finished your Elance ebook and found it extremely informative and well-written. Your advice and experiences in Elance’s trenches will save those who are serious about earning a living through Elance countless hours of headaches and frustration.

      —Doug Chovan

      Chovan Communications LLC

    • Hayden Jackson has produced one of the most clearly written, practical guides to surviving and thriving as a writer on and in the online freelance marketplace in general. Each and every one of these tips is a business-builder for writers – new and experienced.

      —Lucy Spencer

      Spencer Creates

    • Designed for writers, the e-book contains a plethora of practical wisdom that will be of value to any new online freelancer, for a nominal cost that will pay for itself with your first winning bid, while setting you up for long-term success for years to come.

      —Charles Kozierok

      The Online Freelancing Guide

    • If ever a book needed to be written, this one did. I wish it had been available when I started, it wouldn’t have taken me three years to break the top 50 at Elance. I love the “no holds barred,” clear and concise advice.

      —William Morrison

      Elance Writer

    • Very informative! If I can learn a few new tips after having been on Elance for over ten years, then I am sure the novice will find this to be a critical guide on their path to success on Elance.

      —Jennifer Anderson

      Pace Computing Limited, Inc.

    • Great ebook! I found it to be well organized, packed full of information and easy to read. I plan to adopt several of the ideas to improve my profile and proposals.

      —Dixie Iverson

      Quality Quick Writing Services

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With $100,000+ in Elance earnings and a five-star rating, Hayden shares her top tips for writing success in the latest edition of her book.